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Buy MIC Injections From USA Best Online suppliers

Buy mic injections online. Methionine, Inositol, Choline, a powerful combination that promotes the metabolism of fat in the liver, prevents cholesterol buildup in blood vessels and is also associated with proper insulin function and carbohydrate digestion. Buy mic injections online

Our pharmaceutically compounded MIC shots mixture of enzymes, amino acids and vitamins is specially formulated to assist patients with weight loss by boosting your metabolism, increasing your body’s fat-burning mechanisms and provide you with the energy you need to lose weight fast. Buy mic injections online

Not appropriate for patients will sulfa allergies/sensitivities. Please see our Sulfa Free Lipotropic Injections if you have a sulfa allergy/sensitivity. Buy mic injections online

MIC Shots Frequent Questions Asked

Methionine 25mg, Inositol 50mg, Choline 50mg, B12 333 mcg/ML

Each kit includes: Vial, syringes, alcohol prep pads and detailed Instructions

What's the MIC?

Not over to date on your lipo slangDon't worry! MIC is a fat burning combination of three of the stylish lipotropic nutrients available.

Lipotropic fatburning nutrient that stimulates metabolic processes.
MIC a synergistic combination of lipotropics.

What is in a MIC shot?

MIC's potent fatburning combination consists of methionine, inositol and choline ( hence the name), frequently with vitamin B12 as an addedbenefit.However, do not worry, we'll give you more on this below, If you are not sure what each component does.

1. Methionine

Get a two-in-one benefit from this antioxidant amino acid. It protects the liver first by making sure the corrosiveness and poisons get on the first aeroplane from then.

It also breaks down being fat cells to burn them. While the corrosiveness has entered an eviction notice, the fat deposits are on a fast conveyor belt in the roaster room!

2. Inositol

You can thank this emulsion for its now controlled blood sugar and insulin situations as it has numerous places to play in these