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Buy Proviron Bayer - A modern drug of steroid origin, used in sports mainly due to its anti-estrogenic properties and to increase the level of free testosterone

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Proviron Bayer - A modern drug of steroid origin, used in sports mainly due to its anti-estrogenic properties and to increase the level of free testosteroneMost often, athletes from different disciplines, such as in bodybuilding, drink these pills during a cycle of course to prevent possible estrogen-related side effects, as well as increase libido, normalization of potency. Active substance Proviron Bayer tablets is Mesterolone - a steroid with androgen (150% of testosterone) and anabolic activity (40% of testosterone). Initially, Mesterolone was and remains an effective medicinal product, administered at lower efficiency, lack of the function of the gonads in men and even infertility. It now began to be used by athletes to minimize the side effects of steroids, and not only.


                            Effects of Proviron Bayer

First, it should be noted that in humans the drug acts as an aromatase inhibitor (a similar effect, but more potent in terms of blocking the anti estrogen anastrozole). It prevents the conversion of steroids into estrogen (female sex hormones), for which it is valuable for athletes. In practice, this preparation can help people taking steroids to prevent the formation of estrogenic side effects, which include, for example, Gynecomastia.No fewer valuable effects of Proviron Bayer - is to increase the level of free testosterone in the blood. In particular, the drug is able to block the activity of SHBG (sex hormone connecting globulin), and thus increases the concentration of free testosterone. By the way, this preparation leads to the improvement of other steroids in the body.


At general, the effect of Proviron Bayer:

 First, blocking aromatase (estrogen action)

 Second, increase libido, improve erectile function;

 Thirdly, the increase in free testosterone in the blood

 Fourthly, the increase in recovery and stiffness of muscles


It is important to note that in sports practice, including bodybuilding, the largest value possesses the properties of Proviron Bayer Schering Pharma, which strive to prevent possible side effects of steroids, but not its effects.

Which leads to improved muscle quality, although it is very useful. In other words, for athletes this drug is considered primarily as an effective anti-estrogen agent, which can help prevent side effects and the corresponding normalization of strength. 


Against this background, it should be said that women who take care of their appearance should not use the Proviron capsule, since they can cause virilization (due to the high androgenic activity of the drug there is a risk of virilization - hair growth in Body shape, deepening of the voice, changes in the quality of the skin).

  • However, it is believed that if you use the drug together with tamoxifen (25-50 mg per day + 10-20 mg tamoxifen per day) can help the woman to burn fat in the body.

Finally, the storage of Proviron Bayer Schering Pharma should be done on hard access area for children and pets (as a precaution). Keep the tablets in a place protected from moisture and light, with indicators of temperature in the room.


How to take Bayer Proviron

In sports practice, these tablets with estrogenic properties are usually used to prevent the formation or development of side effects associated with long-term administration of steroid drugs.

More specifically, the rate of admission is usually performed to get rid of estrogenic side effects and abnormalities associated with low testosterone levels in the blood, but not only.

  • How to dose and use the drug Proviron?

Taking the drug-a relatively simple process. Athletes usually use it in the area of 25-50 mg per day (allowed daily dose of 25-150 mg). Drink tablets daily Eight full weeks (primarily start on the second or first week of the steroid cycle and at the end of the last two). It is understandable that the dosage and duration of administration of the drug, even in many respects depend on the selected athlete and the steroid cycle.


As noted above, the use by women Proviron (Mesterolone) is usually not performed. This is mainly due to high androgenic activity specific to the preparation, which can lead to the emergence of virilization. If you want to place an order Proviron Bayer and want to clarify some details, we recommend you visit our forum.

Here our experienced consultants (trainer in bodybuilding, master of sports by lifting the rods and even sports doctors) how and when to take pills and what dose to accept? Everything this in our forum.


Publications for Bayer Schering Proviron

If you want to know what we will say about this drug and its active substance think that all athletes should use it, then again, we recommend you visit our forum.

Here you will be able to chat with "colleagues" and experienced consultants in our Forum, who will share their opinion. Also at the time reviewing the forum you can find a detailed description of the properties of topical drugs in sports, antiestrogens to anabolic steroids.

Assessment of Proviron mentioned as preparations for athletes? First, they point out that tablets with proper use can help athletes taking anabolic steroids to avoid the anti-estrogenic aromatize and manifestations of side effects. The drug prevents aromatization (conversion of steroids to estrogen) and thus achieves the desired effect.


If you have already used Proviron Bayer tablets, you can leave a comment in the Store (product page) or in the forum. Do not be afraid to speak freely, remove obscene comments none.


Where to buy Bayer Schering Proviron and what is its price?

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